15th Reunion for the Classes of 2005 & 2006

Welcome Back!

The classes of 2005 and 2006 will celebrate our 15th reunion jointly October 29-31 and we can’t wait to see everyone. Mark your calendars and make plans to be back for this milestone event.  This year’s Homecoming and Reunion Weekend promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Event Overview

Friday afternoon from 4:30-7:00 p.m., put your dancing shoes on and join us under the big tent on Manchester Plaza (Mag Quad) to enjoy a party for all alumni, Party So Dear while listening to the Commodores. Immediately following will be our 15th Reunion celebration on campus where we’ll get to see friends in both the class of 2005 and 2006. (All events will be outside.)

Saturday will feature the Festival on the Quad, the Alumni Tailgate, and the WFU/Duke football game.  If you’d like to sit with classmates, game tickets will be available for purchase through Homecoming registration. Classes will be grouped together within each ticket option. On Sunday, join fellow alumni for the Service of Remembrance and the Homecoming Worship in Wait Chapel.

Next Steps

Contact your friends and make your reservations.  Check this website for updated information as the weekend gets closer and plans for a safe and fun weekend are finalized.  Registration for weekend events, including football tickets, will be available in late September.

We look forward to seeing each of you for this memorable weekend!

Go Deacs!

The class of 2005 and 2006 reunion committees

Class of 2006 Reunion Campaign 

For the Class of 2006, we are making great strides at reaching our $175,000 dollar goal, but we need the class to pull together to reach the 185 donor goal for reunion-year gifts to The Wake Forest Fund.  If you haven’t made your gift yet, please do soon! The campaign started July 1, 2020, and will continue through Homecoming Weekend.   The Class of 2005’s campaign concluded  November 2020.


$176,306 of $175,000

Learn about the Reunion Campaign »

  • 2005 Who's Coming Back
    • Mrs. Karen (Riddle) Barnes ('05, MAED '06)
    • Mrs. Katherine "Kate" D. (Hitzhusen) Berry ('05)
    • Mr. Brendan John Bowen ('05)
    • The Reverend Michael "Mike" David Colvard ('05)
    • Mrs. Robyn Hazel (Teague) Corrado ('05)
    • Mr. Thomas "Hill" Hill Davis III ('05, JD '08)
    • Mrs. Eleanor-Scott (Best) Davis ('05)
    • Mr. Dennis "Jim" James Delaney ('05)
    • Mr. Brent Cecil Ferrin ('05)
    • Mrs. Louise (Louthan) Finley ('05)
    • Mrs. Alissa (VanDeventer) Floyd ('05)
    • Mrs. Megan "Meg" Elizabeth (Kohler) Griffin ('05, MSA '06)
    • Mr. Carlisle Hamrick Jr. ('05)
    • Ms. Pamela (Brock) Harris ('05)
    • Dr. David Johnson Hiller ('05)
    • Mrs. Denise (Conner) Hiller ('05)
    • Mr. Nathaniel "Nathan" Huston Huffman ('05)
    • Dr. Christopher "Chris" Tyler Hunter ('05, MD '10)
    • Mr. Matthew "Matt" Richard Huntley ('05)
    • Mrs. Diana (Santos) Johnson ('05)
    • Mrs. Virginia "Lindley" Lindley (McGowen) Lacey ('05)
    • Mr. Sean Paul Lenahan ('05, MSA '06)
    • Mr. Charles "Charlie" Bryan McCurry Jr. ('05, JD '08)
    • Mrs. Katherine "Katie" (Beavers) McGregor ('05)
    • Ms. Lindsay (Smith) Pfaff ('05)
    • Mrs. Martha "Erin" Erin (Elmore) Pfeiffer ('05)
    • Mr. Michael "Mike" Francis Piscetelli ('05)
    • Mrs. Jacqlyn "Jackie" Diana (Muscente) Piscetelli ('05, MSA '06)
    • Mrs. Sally Taylor Radney ('05)
    • Dr. Elisabeth Helen Sheridan ('05)
    • Mrs. Megan Anne (Parkinson) Spivey ('05)
    • Ms. Lauren (Russell) Stephenson ('05)
    • Mr. Stephen Lyle Tatum Jr. ('05)
    • Ms. Jennifer Leigh (Holland) Thompspon ('05)
    • Mrs. Kathryn "Katie" (Cox) Tribble ('05)
    • Mr. Frederick "Fritz" Watson Vaughan ('05)
    • Mr. Michael Bates Walsh Esq. ('05)
    • Mrs. Rebecca P. (Potts) Walsh ('05)
    • Ms. Patricia "Tricia" (Anderson) Weinberg ('05)
    • Mr. Mark Andrew Williams ('05)
    • Mrs. Leslie Crosland Williams ('05)
    • Ms. Francesca Lynn Winkler ('05)
    • Dr. Leslie (Short) Wolfe ('05)
    • Mr. Robert William Wolfe Jr. ('05, MSA '06)
  • 2006 Who's Coming Back List
    • Mrs. Kelly Ann (Mullen) Andreae ('06)
    • Mrs. Lara Elizabeth (Whalley) Arredondo ('06)
    • Mrs. Anne "Annie" Holloway (Ward) Baldwin ('06)
    • Mr. Charles Henry Beck III ('06)
    • Ms. Stephanie Estelle Bennett ('06)
    • Ms. Lena Marie Benson ('06)
    • Ms. Lauren Elizabeth Bienemann ('06)
    • Ms. Natalie Anne Blake ('06)
    • Ms. Ariel K. Carpenter ('06)
    • Ms. Catherine "Katie" Bennet Chinlund ('06)
    • Mrs. Anne "Annie" (Young) Combs ('06)
    • Mr. Richard Lowe Cox Jr. ('06)
    • Mrs. Jennifer "Jenn" Marie (Folsom) Currin ('06)
    • Ms. Carrie Elizabeth Daniel ('06)
    • Mrs. Nicole (Pappas) Ferrin ('06)
    • Mrs. Pattie (Gabbert) Glassick ('06)
    • Mrs. Anne (Arnold) Glenn ('06)
    • Mrs. Karen (Swofford) Greenoe ('06)
    • Mrs. Heather (Dendy) Greer ('06)
    • Mrs. Lauren (Rice) Heald ('06)
    • Ms. Emily Erin Hoar ('06)
    • Ms. Anna "Anna Ball" Ball Hodge ('06)
    • Mr. Eustace "Mack" McKever Horton III ('06)
    • Dr. Janel (Darcy) Hunter ('06, MD '10)
    • Mrs. Rachel (Clagett) Huston ('06)
    • Mr. Matthew "Matt" Walter Imboden ('06, MA '08)
    • Mr. Thomas "Drake" Drake Jarman ('06)
    • Ms. Shana Leah Johannessen ('06)
    • Ms. Vanessa Alexandra Kaye ('06)
    • Mr. Edward Charles Kuehnle III ('06)
    • Mrs. Juliet (Lam) Kuehnle ('06)
    • Mr. Robert "Anders" Anders Larson ('06)
    • Mrs. Jessica Leigh (Henkel) Larson ('06)
    • Dr. James "Jay" Conner Lockwood ('06)
    • Mr. Christopher "Chris" David Macali ('06, JD '10)
    • Mrs. Jennifer "Jen" (Dice) Madara ('06)
    • Mr. Jeffrey "Jeff" Ryan Malarkey ('06)
    • Dr. Nicole "Niki" Lea McInteer ('06)
    • Mrs. Kristen (Hauser) McMahon ('06)
    • Ms. Minta "Catharine" Catharine H. McNally ('06)
    • Dr. Benjamin "Ben" Martin Morel ('06, MD '10)
    • Dr. Casey Downs Mull ('06)
    • Dr. Christopher "Chris" Michael Nelson ('06, MD '10)
    • Mrs. Raena Emiko (Kaneshiro) Nelson ('06)
    • Mrs. Macon (Sykes) Parsley ('06)
    • Mr. John "Jack" Cunningham Raffetto ('06)
    • Mrs. Shana "Nikki" N. (Settle) Rhynehardt ('06)
    • Mr. William "Will" Gilbert Rifenbark ('06)
    • Mr. Jeffrey "Jeff" Allen Schiller ('06)
    • Ms. Alexandria "Alex" (Reyes) Schroeder ('06, JD '09)
    • Mr. Terrell Valentino Simmons ('06)
    • Ms. Shelley Allison (Graves) Sizemore ('06, MA '09)
    • Ms. Satoko "Sasha" Suzuki ('06, MA '14)
    • Mr. Mathew "Matt" Wade Williams PA-C ('06, PA '10)
    • Mrs. Amy (Holbrook) Wooten ('06, JD '09)

Reunion Details

15th Reunion Celebration
7:30-10:30 p.m.

Reunion Party Village on Poteat Field

Join class members from both classes for our reunion celebration.  Enjoy food and beverages while catching up with friends.  This event will take place immediately following Party So Dear.
$30 per person

Chilled Shrimp with Cocktail Sauce
Pulled Chicken BBQ
Apple Cider Pork Loin
Black Bean Cakes
Buffalo Caulifower w/ Corn Salsa
Cole Slaw
Macaroni & Cheese
Fresh Fruit
Marinated Three Bean Salad
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
Assorted beer, wine, hard seltzer, hard cider and non alcoholic beverages

2005 Reunion Committee Chairs
Anna Stiegel Glass
Emily Carter Hare
Elisabeth Sheridan

2005 Reunion Committee
Jamie Dean
Britt Doolittle
Elizabeth Ellis
Lillian Boudrias Ewen
Brent Ferrin
Alissa VanDeventer Floyd
Lexie Rejeski Gabard
Kristina Johnson
David Kahn
Sean Lenahan
Charlie McCurry
Mel Rivera
Lexi Swift Sindall
Trey Sindall
Whitney Smith Sturge
Erin Owens Toomey
Francesca Winkler

2006 Reunion Committee Chairs
Kelly Mullen Andrea
Chas Andrea
Casey Mull

2006 Reunion Committee
Lena Benson
Patrick Brennan
Joseph Bumgarner
Mary Kathryn Bumgarner
John Champlin
Clay Cline
Annie Young Combs
Richard Cox
Nicole Pappas Ferrin
Lindsey Hardegree
Katie Henriques
Laura Herndon
Emily Hoar
Anna Ball Hodge
Mack Horton
Dustie Lanier
Emily Johnson Russell
Richard Tilley
Lindsey Von Thron

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 Class of 2006 Howler

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