2020 Social Challenge

Whether you’ve been a Demon Deacon for just a few years or just a few decades, there is one thing that hasn’t changed – your love for Wake Forest. But what about all of the things that have changed? We want to see your “Wake Forest: Then and Now”! Post pictures of your time at Mother, So Dear alongside pictures of you and your family now! Some ideas are :

– Gameday as a student and how you celebrate gameday now
– You and your roommate way back when, and a recent photo of the two of you catching up
– Your old dorm room and how you show your Deacon spirit in your home now

We know you’ve aged like a Glass of the Finest, so dig out your 80’s hair or those low rise jeans from the early 2000’s, and share with us on social media by tagging @WFUAlumni on Twitter or Instagram, or on Facebook at Wake Forest Alumni. No matter where you post, be sure to use the hashtags #WFUthenandnow and #WFUHC. We will be sharing throughout the week!