Class of 1968

Class of 1968,

Our 50th Wake Forest Reunion will be November 2 & 3, so mark your calendars and make plans to be back for this milestone event.   This year’s Homecoming and Reunion Weekend promises to be bigger and better than ever. 

On Friday morning we will become Golden Deacs when we are inducted into the Half-Century Club which will begin two days of not-to-be-missed events.  If you are interested in seeing Wake Downtown please be sure to sign up for the Golden Deacs bus tour which will leave from the front of the Benson Center at 1:00 p.m.  Space is limited. If you want to see all of campus, but don’t feel up to all the walking, then plan to use the hop on/hop off shuttles which will be running all afternoon.  From 4:30 – 7:00 p.m. put your dancing shoes on and come to the big tent on Mag Quad to enjoy Party So Dear!  

Friday evening will be our 50th Reunion dinner in the Benson University Center where Dr. Ed Wilson (‘43), provost emeritus will be our guest speaker.  On Saturday, we will enjoy the Festival on the Quad, campus tours, the Alumni Tailgate and the WFU/Syracuse football game. We are encouraging class members to sit in the Touchdown Club for the game, but please note there are a limited number of tickets in this area and it will sell out.

We have already exceeded our $125,000  class goal but could still use your help to reach the 50% participation goal for reunion-year gifts to The Wake Forest Fund.  If you haven’t made your gift yet, please do soon! The campaign started July 1, 2017 and will continue through Homecoming Weekend.

We would love to hear from everyone in the class regardless of whether you are able to come to the reunion or not. Take a minute and share with classmates your life’s journey since graduation. Include whatever you would like to share about family, career, Wake Forest memories, passions and future plans.  Please be sure to include your maiden name if applicable when listing your name.

Contact your friends, make your reservations, and keep checking this website for updated information as the weekend gets closer.

We look forward to seeing each of you for this memorable weekend!

Once a Deacon, always a Deacon,

Austine Odom Evans and Mike Queen
Class of 1968 Reunion Committee Chairs


$172,457 of $125,000

Learn about the Reunion Campaign »

  • Who's Coming Back
    • The Reverend Dr. Robert "Bob" Newell Abarno ('68)
    • Mrs. Donna "Donna Jo" Jo (Redding) Abernethy ('68, P '97)
    • Dr. Milton "Milt" J. Ackerman ('68, MD '72)
    • Mr. Alfred Gray Adams ('68, JD '73, P '01)
    • Mr. Charles "Chuck" Cochran Adams III ('68)
    • Mr. Runo C. Anderson Jr. ('68)
    • Mr. Jerry Herbert Baker ('68, P '96, P '99)
    • The Honorable Beverly Tate Beal ('68, JD '74, P '93)
    • Ms. Jennifer L. Bivens ('68)
    • Mrs. Jennifer "Jenni" (Jacober) Black ('68)
    • Mrs. Jan (Wurtenberger) Blackford ('68)
    • Ms. Rebecca "Becky" (Stevenson) Bock ('68)
    • Ms. Merley Glover Boshart ('68, P '00)
    • Mr. Henry Hawes Bostic Jr. ('68)
    • Mr. Warren "Boot" Foster Boutilier ('68)
    • Mrs. Anne (Stoltz) Bowers ('68)
    • Mr. John Milam Brame ('68)
    • Mr. Jones Pharr Byrd Sr. ('68, JD '71, P '99, P '00, P '02)
    • Dr. Laurence "Larry" Sutherland Cain ('68)
    • The Reverend Donald "Don" Ellyson Carlton ('68)
    • Mrs. Patricia "Pat" (Carnes) Carriker ('68, P '95, P '06)
    • Mr. Scott Louis Cober CPA ('68)
    • Mrs. Anne (McRae) Cober ('68)
    • Mr. William "Bill" Lee Coble ('68)
    • Mr. Frederick L. Cooper III ('68, JD '71)
    • Dr. Vicki (Morgan) Curby ('68, P '03)
    • Mr. Chester Oscar David ('68)
    • Mrs. Sara (Umstead) Davis ('68)
    • Mr. Richard "Rick" P. Decker ('68, P '00)
    • Mrs. Sue (Milam) Dunbar ('68, P '95)
    • Mr. "Arnold" Arnold Edwards ('68)
    • Mr. William "Bill" Edward Eutsler Jr. ('68)
    • Mrs. Austine (Odom) Evans ('68, MAED '69, P '95, P '98, P '99, P '02)
    • Colonel Daniel "Dan" Michael Ferezan USA (Ret.) ('68)
    • Mr. Edwin "Ed" Hall Ferguson Jr. ('68, JD '74, P '01)
    • The Reverend Jamie Tarpley Fonville Jr. ('68, P '98)
    • Mrs. Sheila (Fulton) Fox ('68, P '17)
    • Mrs. Diane Secor (Baldwin) French ('68)
    • Mr. Eric William Fruin ('68)
    • Mr. David "Dave" Henry Goehrig ('68)
    • Mr. Robert "Bob" B. Grant ('68)
    • Mr. Francis "Ed" Edwin Hallman Jr. ('68, P '99)
    • Mr. Michael "Mike" Eugene Hammond ('68)
    • Mrs. Jane (Biggerstaff) Hamrick ('68)
    • Mrs. Kathryn (Hocutt) Hamrick ('68)
    • Mr. Sherwin "Skip" Trumbull Haskell III ('68)
    • Ms. Vicki (Campbell) Heitman ('68)
    • Mr. Richard "Rick" George Henning ('68, P '06)
    • Mr. Calvin Jackson Holt Jr. ('68)
    • Dr. Douglas "Doug" Branch Horner ('68)
    • Ms. Suzanne "Suzie" (Owensby) Hudson ('68)
    • Mr. Thomas "Tom" Samuel Irwin ('68)
    • Mr. Durward Burrell Jones Jr. ('68)
    • Mrs. Linda (Hood) Jones ('68)
    • Mrs. Rebecca "Becky" (Melton) Kafer ('68, P '93, P '95, P '99, P '02)
    • Mr. Steven "Steve" Craig Kelley ('68)
    • Mr. James "Jeff" Jeffrey Kincheloe ('68)
    • Mr. William "Walt" Walton Kitchin Jr. ('68, JD '77)
    • Mr. Robert "Rob" Douglas Knapp ('68)
    • Mrs. Elizabeth "Beth" L. (Lowe) Lee ('68)
    • Mr. Joseph "Allen" Allen Lewis Jr. ('68)
    • Mr. Albert "Al" Shuler Lineberry Jr. ('68, P '95)
    • Mrs. Cynthia (Still) Mann ('68, P '94)
    • Mr. Christopher "Chris" Lee Marshall ('68)
    • Mr. Roger William Mayhew ('68, P '95, P '99, P '01, P '02)
    • Dr. Larry "Jerry" Jerome McDowell ('68)
    • Mr. James Andrew Nix ('68)
    • Mrs. Janice (Crosswhite) Page ('68)
    • Mr. George "Ed" Edgar Parker ('68, JD '71)
    • Ms. Joanne (Kline) Partin ('68, P '92)
    • Mr. James "Mike" Michael Pulliam ('68, P '99)
    • The Reverend Michael "Mike" Glenn Queen ('68, P '94)
    • Dr. Douglas "Doug" Edward Reinhardt ('68, MA '73)
    • Mr. Gregory "Gregg" Alan Roark ('68)
    • Mr. David "Dave" Lee Roberts ('68, MA '78, P '99)
    • Dr. Thomas "Tom" Edward Robinson ('68)
    • Dr. Elizabeth "Beth" Ann Roseberry ('68)
    • Mrs. Susan (Rivenbark) Samuel ('68, P '99, P '01)
    • Mr. Douglas "Doug" Carroll Sexton CPA ('68)
    • Mr. William "Van" Alvan Smith III ('68)
    • Mr. Walter "Brooks" Brooks Stillwell III ('68)
    • Mr. Thomas "Tom" N. Stuetzer Jr. ('68, P '96, P '97)
    • Dr. Carolyn (Lewis) Sweet ('68)
    • Mr. Stephen "Steve" Young Sweet ('68)
    • Mr. Donald West Thompson ('68)
    • Ms. Jennifer (Hauck) Thompson ('68)
    • Mr. Carl Millon Tucker III ('68, P '95, P '97, P '04)
    • Mrs. Susan (Vaught) Tygart ('68, P '98)
    • Dr. Rebecca "Becky" Ann Wall ('68, MA '70)
    • Mr. Richard "Rick" Lee Wash ('68)
    • Mr. Charles "Randy" Randall Welfare Jr. ('68, P '99, P '07)
    • Mrs. Betty "Betty Anne" (Saeman) Whisnant ('68, P '94)
    • Mrs. Linda (Barrick) White ('68)
    • Mr. Henry "Whit" Harper Whitley Jr. ('68)
    • Mrs. Judith "Judy" (White) Wicker ('68)
    • Dr. Stephen "Steve" Thomas Wilson ('68)
    • Mr. Byron Calder Wyche ('68, P '07)
    • Mr. Cameron "Cam" Duncan Yow ('68)

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Reunion Events

Friday, November 2

Golden Deac Events and Luncheon, when the Class of 1968 will be inducted into the Half-Century Club
10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., Benson University Center
The Class of 1968 will be inducted into the ranks of the prestigious Half-Century Club and receive your 50-year pin. You will gather on the third floor rotunda area of the Benson University Center before having your class photo made at 11:00 a.m. Immediately following, enjoy a delicious buffet luncheon in the 401 Benson while hearing from Provost Rogan Kersh. The class will also present their reunion campaign gift to the University at this event.
Business Casual
Complimentary for Class of 1968 and one guest

Golden Deac Bus Tour to Wake Downtown 
1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Will leave from and return to the front of Benson University Center in a charter bus to tour the new Wake Downtown Campus in Innovation Quarter.
Limited availability.
$5 per person

Class of 1968 Reunion Dinner
Benson University Center, Suite 401
7:00 p.m. Drinks & Appetizers
7:45 p.m. Dinner with Dr. Ed Wilson
Join classmates on this special evening to celebrate 50 great years. The festivities will begin immediately following Party So Dear on the fourth-floor gallery of the Benson University Center. Enjoy drinks and passed hors d’oeuvres from 7:00 – 7:45 p.m. followed by a delicious dinner buffet and remarks from Dr. Edwin Wilson (’43), provost emeritus. The evening continues with a dessert buffet, giving classmates an additional opportunity to mix and mingle.
Business casual
$55 per person

Reunion Committee Chairs

Austine Odom Evans
Mike Queen

Reunion Committee

Donna Jo Redding Abernethy
Alfred Adams
Butch Baker
Jerry Baker
Jan Wurtenburger Blackford
Merley Glover Boshart
Henry Bostic
Jones Byrd
Vicki Morgan Curby
Sara Umstead Davis
Sue Milam Dunbar
Arnold Edwards
Dayna Tate Elliott
Ed Ferguson
Sheila Fulton Fox
Vicki Campbell Heitman
Rick Henning
Suzie Owensby Hudson
Becky Melton Kafer
Steve Kelley
Walt Kitchin
Rob Knapp
Chris Marshall
Roger Mayhew
Tom Stuetzer
Carl Tucker
Judy White Wicker

Class of 1968 Howler

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