Things to See & Do

Haven’t been back to campus in awhile and don’t have time to take a campus tour? Want a reminder of some of the best spots to check out? Below is a list of things to see and do around campus, whenever you have the time!

  • Tour the newly renovated Reynolds Gymnasium.
  • Grab a slice of pizza at Zick’s (old Post Office).
  • Have a cup of coffee at Campus Grounds.
  • Stroll through Reynolda Village and Gardens.
  • Throw a football on the Quad!
  • Play the campus Frisbee Golf Course.
  • See the latest changes in The Fresh Food Company, aka, The Pit!
  • Take in the views from the Mag Patio.
  • Relax on the Davis Field swings.
  • Visit Reynolda House in the afternoon.
  • Visit Starbucks in North Campus Dining Hall or the ZSR Library.
  • Sip a cool beverage on the patio of Shorty’s.
  • Check in with your favorite professor.
  • Take a break by the fire pit on the patio of Farrell Hall.